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Convention and conference

Business conventions, corporate conventions, conferences – whether you want your message to travel up, down, sideways, BtoB or in-house, you’ll appreciate the comfort of our rooms, for both organisers and users. You’ll love the acoustics, the high-tech features and the ceiling height. You’ll adore playing around with spaces and customising them to reflect your graphic charter.


Let’s start with 4 modular rooms that can be used individually.


Remove a partition and you’ve immediately doubled the basic space. Ideal for conventions with 250 guests seated in rows + meal nearby.


Remove a second partition and you’ve tripled the original space. With a third partition removed, you have a 620 sq. metre hall that can host a conference for 630 people.


While we’re on the subject, look! "Big names" come to the Porte Sud de Genève Convention Centre for the series of conferences organised by the Archamps Science & Technology Park team - Les Rendez-vous d'Archamps.


The following slide show gives you a glimpse of our modular rooms. This is just a selection but you can see more by displaying all our rooms. You can then see the choice of sub-committee rooms available.


Space that adapts to the size of your group


Select your room then choose package you’re looking for. Don’t forget our special offers. One of them might fit the bill!


Finally, if you need a quote now, tell us about your project and we’ll send you back a quote as soon as possible.