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You often want something a little out of the ordinary for your event. Whether it’s a seminar or meeting, course or convention, your guests will have already seen so many places and so many things. How can you surprise them?


Although the Convention Centre does not stand at the water’s edge and has no cabins in the trees, it’s the layout we chose that might come as a surprise. It’s definitely unusual. The Centre has been designed and laid out like a corporate campus.


The meeting rooms and auditoriums are in different buildings and have different atmospheres. Footpaths take your delegates from one building to another, from meeting rooms to hotels and from auditoriums to the Chosal Park.


The Convention Centre is close to everything thanks to its ease of access, and that includes nature. The Chosal Park provides lush greenery overlooked from some of the rooms. Sequoias and birdsong set the tone. And above the Centre, Mount Salève offers scenery that changes with the seasons.

Last but not least, if a mixture of nationalities is evident because of its international clientele, the Convention Centre does not mix genres, specialising solely in professional events. It does not host family functions, religious events or political meetings.


When you choose the Convention Centre, you’re choosing a place that has been designed for the corporate world. And its green setting, close to everything you could want or need, stimulates concentration, immersion and teambuilding.